Emerald Crypto

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Emerald Crypto
Basic Information
Name Emerald Crypto
Symbol EMD
Type Coin
Mineable Yes
Release Date June 16, 2013
Website https://www.emeraldcrypto.de/
Announcement BitcoinTalk.org
Explorer ProHashing.com, CryptoID.info, BlockExp.info
Forum Facebook Group
Chat Discord Channel
Source Code GitHub
Twitter @_Emerald_EMD_
Subreddit r/EmeraldCrypto
Emerald Crypto logo1.png
Emerald Crypto is a Cryptocurrency.

Emerald Crypto (EMD) is an innovative new alternative coin based on the Litecoin codebase. It uses proof of work (POW) to create distributed trustless consensus and solve the double-spend problem. There are dedicated seed nodes for syncing into the right blockchain. Emerald Crypto uses 20 second block time for continuous confirmation of the transactions on its blockchain. The mining difficulty is retarget after each block and is calculated by using the Dark Gravity Wave 3 algorithm (DGW3). Emerald Crypto has only 32 million coins. It is an open source project of a crypto currency, that rebranded from Emerald to Emerald Crypto in August 04, 2014.